Saturday, March 13, 2010

When Delta Gives You Lemons...

After all of that hustling and bustling, we're still in Atlanta. Due to extreme weather on the Eastern seaboard (Delta was saying 50 mile per hourwinds in New York), the flight to New York and the flight from New York to Accra were both cancelled. Everyone in Atlana (including the mechanic) will be staying here.

So the new plan is to fly to Johannesburg, tomorrow, after an hour layover on Jo'burg we will then fly to Accra, arriving Monday night at 11:00 pm. Of course this is not ideal, but this does get us to Ghana for most of the trip and most importantly, keeps us safe. At least we are leaving tomorrow, which many of the people in the Atlanta airport are not.

Leaving the ATL airport, we had the most timely surprise. We ran into the Associate Dean of Academic Programs in the Kelley School of Business, who we effectionately refer to as Venkat! This was a great surprise for us all and helped to lighten the mood after a long day. Below is a picture we took with him.

We are staying at the Sleep Inn, thanks to our trip insurance, and will be back at the Atlanta airport tomorrow for our 7:00 pm flight to Jo'burg. We should be able to squeeze in most of the tourist stuff we were supposed to do Sunday throughtout the rest of the week.

Tomorrow will be difficult to post, as we will be in the air all evening, but we will try to send something before taking off. The students are holding up well despite the disappointment. No matter what, we're planning on making lemonade!!!

Sleeping Inn,
Ghana 2010

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  1. Safe travels!!! Sorry it didn't work out for you today, but it sure was a nice surprise to see you all in the airport! =) Emily