Monday, March 15, 2010

Kelley Made it to Ghana... In 2010!

Wow, what an adventure it has been already! Sunday, we left Atlanta for Ghana and after two very long flights (approx. 14 hrs to Johannesburg, South Africa and 6 hrs to Accra, Ghana), we have arrived.

Here is a picture and video of our arrival into South Africa - we're all there, safe and excited to be moving onto the next leg of our journey.

By far, the best part of the trip happened just about three hours ago when we arrived in Ghana. It was such a relief to touch the ground in Africa. We met with Jorge, our tour guide, who was energetic and very accomodating. We're now in the hotel which is also amazing - more video on that below from Salima Lalani (who you'll be hearing more from throughout the week).

So, after nearly 60 hours of travel, $35 in food vouchers, and four airport movies (I digress - Sandra Bullock definitely deserved the Academy Award recognition for her refreshing, believable portrayal in the Blind Side - she really made the movie). Sorry - after all that, we're here and it's still spring break! Needless to say, everyone is looking forward to beginning our visits in Accra tomorrow. Well, off to sleep! Yay Ghana!

Hitting curveballs,
Kelley in Ghana 2010

* If I can add one thing, I would just say that Tammy Orahood, our trip leader, has been incredible on this trip. With each diversion or disappointment, she has rounded up the group, explained scenarios, and made sound decisions. Most importantly, she has kept calm throughout what has honestly been a frustrating past couple days for everyone. We are very lucky to have her leading us here, she's been a real superhero. Thanks for getting us here in good spirits Tammy!

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