Saturday, March 20, 2010

All Good Things...

...must come to an end. It's hard to believe, but tomorrow ends a fantastic week in Ghana. We had an incredible time! Today was no exception...

We visited a fisherman's village and saw how they catch, dry, and store fish. They use HUGE nets to catch the fish (the ropes for one net measure about 800 yards in total). During our time there, we got the chance to pull a net with the fishermen. Check it out!

After this, we had the most adventurous part of our trip, the Canopy Bridgewalk at Kakum National Park. This was so amazing! Kakum National Forest is apart of the rainforest in Ghana where bridges had been built from tree to tree. They are so high in the air, you have to see it to believe it - check it out!

We went to lunch at a place that has crocodiles. Not to eat, but to touch! Although I'm sure for the right price, you could do both. After eating, we took this picture, a piece the entire group contributed to at the Batik Workshop yesterday. Guess what? - Check it out!

After a traffic-filled 5 hour drive, we made it back to Accra and to our hotel. We are now looking forward to our journey back home tomorrow. Ghana has been beautiful in every way, but many of us do miss family and friends. We are crossing our fingers that our return travel goes more smoothly than last week. Ironically, we ran into one of the Delta flight attendants who will be onboard our flight in our hotel. Don't worry, we gave her ample warning that we planned on leaving as scheduled. :)

Coming back like a Boomerang (ask the students),
Kelley in Ghana 2010

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