Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Fastest Way to a Country's Heart... through it's food!

Last Wednesday, we attended a dinner where we sampled foods from the various Emerging Economies sites this semester: Korea, China, Croatia/Hungary, and of course Ghana (click the countries to read their blogs). The food was delightful, but the conversations at the tables were just as interesting. We were able to discuss some of the real aspects of visiting a country (i.e. what are the people like, what things will be offensive, and is there a good place to get ice cream?).

Overall, the evening was a huge success. Students were able to interact with one another and the chaperones and also gain insight into what the food will be like once we are there. You can hear more thoughts on the night from Vasundhara, Mikaela, and Neil in the video below.

In the coming weeks, the students will have more opportunities to learn about the foreign exchange markets, the international monetary system, and purchasing power parity (try saying that three times fast!). We plan on meeting at least once more informally before the trip to continue getting to know one another and the country. Please leave thoughts, encouragement, or questions here. We are excited about the trip and look forward to sharing more soon. Until next time!

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